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The Same The Other (2023)

同 一 个,另 一 个

The film with the title borrowed from a collection of poems by Jorge Luis Borges resonates with his meditation on art and identity, montaging some archival footage of the gazed and gazing “person” which is then interpreted by A.I. artificial intelligence by chance with prompts and hashtags.

9’ Experimental

2023 Locarno Film Festival
2023 NOWNESS China Short Film Awards
2024 VIDEOFORMES Hybrid and Digital Arts Festival

director Bohao Liu screenwriter Bohao Liu & ChatGPT producer Richard Liang
archival footage RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera editor Bohao Liu
original score Kelvin Yuen & Mubert voice interpretation so-vits-svc, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud
image interpretation Runway, Wav2Lip, You Only Look Once, D-ID, Snapchat, Midjourney & Stable Diffusion

toyork films studio SHANGHAI CHINA 201424
toyork films

un studio de BOHAO LIU


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