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Eagles Rest in Liangshan (2021)

鹰 栖 凉 山

Basketball is so popular with the Yi minority in Liangshan, that the center of town is not a park but a basketball court. Inspired by the Kobe Bryant Mamba mentality, a young Yi man returns to his city to coach the kids.

31’ Documentary

2021 Student Academy Awards - Documentary Silver Medal

2021 Rhode Island International Film Festival
2021 MAXXI - National Museum of 21st Century Art
2021 St. Louis International Film Festival
2021 DOC NYC
2022 DGA Student Film Awards - Best Asian American Student Filmmaker
2022 College Television Awards - Seymour Bricker Humanitarian Award & Best Nonfiction or Reality Series
2022 IDA Documentary Awards - David L. Wolper Student Award Nomination

director Bohao Liu producer Bohao Liu cinematographer Bohao Liu editor Bohao Liu sound Kelvin Yuen & Bohao Liu

original score Cal Freundlich & Kelvin Yuen

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toyork films

un studio de BOHAO LIU


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